College Football – Arizona State vs USC

Last night I had the opportunity to photograph the ASU/USC game.  ASU prevailed 62-41 in what turned out to be Lane Kiffin’s last game as the Trojans head coach.





louise clark - okay…just saw them! very nice!!! liked the one with the two asu players looking like they’re suspended in midair..
also, the usc #9 shot is amazing…
great photos!

Amina – Class of 2014

This will be the happiest and most difficult post I’ve written to date.  Amina isn’t just my favorite niece, she’s my main photography assistant and number one buddy.  She’s also the one that her sister, brother, and my daughter look up to even though she’s so petite!  Most of all she’s my first baby.  As I’ve always told her parents, she may not be my child, but that’s my baby too!  I’ve seen her from the pooped up hair and crying at her own birthday parties to dating boys and getting her driver license.  Amina has been a great student and awesome soccer player (so feisty!)!!  That was the happy part…now for the difficult part.  As the title states (Class of 2014), my baby is graduating (sniff, sniff) and will soon be off to college.  I couldn’t be more proud of the person that you’ve grown to be and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you…

Love you,


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